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Cam Plus Lite FAQ

Below are the most common questions we get about Cam Plus Lite.

What cameras are compatible with Cam Plus Lite? 

Wyze Cam v1, v2 and v3, Wyze Cam Pan v1 and v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 and v2.

How do I sign up for Cam Plus Lite?

👋  Cam Plus Lite is not available for new sign ups.

If you signed up for Cam Plus Lite prior to March 2022, you can still continue to use the service. However, Cam Plus Lite is no longer available to new users.

What if I’m already a Cam Plus Member?

Cam Plus members already make monthly contributions to Wyze. We love you and thank you for your support! 

Do I have to opt in to Cam Plus Lite on every camera?

No, you don't have to opt in to Cam Plus Lite on every camera. When you subscribe to the service, all your compatible cameras will be eligible for Cam Plus Lite. But you will have to assign it on your cameras manually.

What is the suggested contribution price?

The suggested contribution price changes depending on the number of cameras you have.

Do I need Cam Plus Lite if I have Cam Unlimited?

No, Cam Unlimited covers all of your cameras (not including Wyze Cam v1*). If you have Cam Plus Lite, you can cancel that subscription and enjoy all the benefits of Cam Unlimited.

* Cam Unlimited is not supported on Wyze Cam v1.

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