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Using Wyze Gun Safe

After setting it up in the Wyze app, use your Wyze Gun Safe the same way you'd use any quick-access safe. Unlock your safe, store your items, lock the safe and put it somewhere secure. 

Storing your Wyze Gun Safe

Install or store Wyze Gun Safe somewhere safe, where you can access it in an emergency, but out of reach of children and pets. Always make sure the door has fully latched when closing. Do not store loaded guns in the safe. Do not store backup keys within the safe. Do not store Wyze Gun Safe where it is or could become wet. Do not operate or store the safe where the temperature is hotter than 122°F (50°C) or colder than 14°F (-10°C).

Refer to the attached Quick Start Guide for the complete list of Important Safety Warnings.

Unlocking your Wyze Gun Safe

  • Fingerprint Unlock: Place your finger on the scanner to unlock the safe.
  • Keypad Unlock: Enter the correct 4-8 digit code on the keypad.
  • App Unlock: Use the Wyze app to unlock your safe.
  • Backup Key Unlock: Press down on the left side of the key cover to access the lock. Insert the key and turn counter-clockwise to unlock the safe.

Locking your Wyze Gun Safe

To lock your safe, close the door and make sure the door has fully latched. It will lock instantly. 

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