What is BluetoothⓇ connectivity used for?

Wyze Gun Safe uses BluetoothⓇ for easy set up, battery status, remote unlock, and more.

Wyze Gun Safe pairs to your phone via Bluetooth to easily connect to the Wyze app and use the advanced features of the safe.

With Wyze Gun Safe connected to the Wyze app you can:

  • Set up Wyze Gun Safe
  • Add an access code to use the keypad
  • Add up to 20 fingerprints to use the fingerprint scanner
  • Unlock the safe from the app
  • Check the battery status
  • View the unlock history

Do I have to connect to Bluetooth?

No, you do not have to connect Wyze Gun Safe to your phone using Bluetooth at all. However, if you don't set up the safe in the app, you will not have access to the features listed above.

Alternatively, you can temporarily connect your phone via Bluetooth to the safe to set up the device with an access code and fingerprint(s). Then disconnect Bluetooth and use Wyze Gun Safe (including fingerprint and access code access) without the app.

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