App Lock: Another layer of security for Wyze Gun Safe

App Lock acts as an extra measure to ensure only authorized users are accessing your Wyze Gun Safe. It is a required step in order to use Wyze Gun Safe.

  • App Lock allows you to set up a pin code (4-8 digits) to limit Wyze app connection to the gun safe.
  • This code will need entered any time you attempt to access the Wyze Gun Safe in the Wyze app.
  • The App Lock code is only stored locally on this device. If you change your device login, you will need to reset the App Lock code. 
  • If the owner of the safe forgets the App Lock code, they will need to set up Wyze Gun Safe like new on the same Wyze account. 
  • If a shared user forgets the App Lock code, they will need to remove the gun safe from their account and ask the owner of the gun safe to re-share the device with them.
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