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Wyze Lock Bolt Features

Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock your door in less than a second! You never have to think about keys, codes, or Wi-Fi problems again. Setup your fingerprint in the app once and you are good to go.

Numbered Keypad (+ Anti-Peep)

Use a code to get in and out. Feel free to create unique codes for each person, so you can tell who came in when. Or, decide when they have access. With Anti-Peep, don't worry if someone watches you enter your code. Simply add extra digits before or after your code and Wyze Lock Bolt will still unlock.

20-Minute Installation w/ Most US Doors

Wyze Lock Bolt replaces your existing deadbolt and makes it easy to install on almost all US doors in about 20 minutes. Feel free to watch our installation video to see how easy the process is. 

Auto Lock

Never forget to lock the door behind you by enabling Auto-Lock. After you’ve entered your home and shut the door, Wyze Lock Bolt automatically locks the door after a custom-set amount of time. 

Know Who Came Home*

See the full history of Wyze Lock Bolt, including how it was locked/unlocked, who did it, and when. See if the door was jammed and if there were 5 consecutive failed code attempts.

Easy App Configure*

Use the Wyze app within Bluetooth range when you need to configure Wyze Lock Bolt, add users, or check history.

Easily Share*

Easily share Wyze Lock Bolt with friends and family to give them access to your lock.

Emergency USB-C Charging

When your battery level is low, the low-battery indicator will flash red. If you forget to replace the AA batteries, the emergency port lets you do an instant, brief charge to enter your access code.

One-Time Code

Remotely generate a code at any time in the app, even without Bluetooth connection. This code can grant emergency access and will expire every 4th hour.

Pick-Proof and Weatherproof 

Wyze Lock Bolt is pick-proof and removes the need for any key. Wyze Lock Bolt is IPX5 rated to withstand weather conditions.

One Touch Lock

With Wyze Lock Bolt, locking the door is as simple as pressing one button. Or you can always lock via the Wyze app.

* Bluetooth connection required.

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