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My Wyze Lock Bolt is difficult to lock/unlock or is jamming.


You are having difficulty locking/unlocking your Wyze Lock Bolt when using the Wyze app, there is a loud motor whirring noise when you try to lock/unlock your Wyze Lock Bolt, or there is a door jam alarm beeping after the motor whirring noises.



  1. Check the bottom strike plate that corresponds with your door handle.
    1. If there are loose screws, tighten them to flatten the strike plate against the door frame.
  2. Check the strike plate and dust box area on your door frame.
    1. The dust box is optional and can be removed if it hinders the deadbolt from fully extending.
    2. Some doors have two deadbolt strike plates stacked together on the door frame. If that is your case, oftentimes the strike plate underneath is larger than the one on top. Remove the one on top and try to lock your door.
    3. If there is room on the door frame, and the frame is made of wood, you can use a chisel or box knife to carve out extra width or depth for the deadbolt and strike plate. You can then drill two small holes to adjust the location for the strike plate screws.
      1. After trying the other options, this will most likely be the only solution. Doors using any type of automatic lock will need to fit properly with the door frame. Using a box knife to carve out wood is simple and effective. We highly recommend fixing this issue upfront during installation, so it’s not a headache later. If the frame isn’t made of wood, then we suggest using the appropriate tools for that material.
  3. Check the hinges on your door to make sure they are screwed in and hammered in completely. Over time, loose hinges can exacerbate door jamming.
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