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How do I set up Friendly Faces?

Start by signing up for a Cam Protect or Cam Unlimited* subscription, and make sure the license is attached to your Wyze Cam in the Wyze app.

Then, in your camera's settings:

  1. Tap Event Recording, then tap the toggle next to Record Motion Events
  2. Tap the option next to Smart Detection Events.
  3. Tap Smart Detections, then tap the toggle next to Friendly Faces.
    • Check the box after you've read the notice*, then tap Agree and continue to proceed.
Enable Friendly Faces.png

After this is enabled and a Person (and their face) is detected, the Event video will also show Someone as being detected.

When someone is detected:

  1. Tap on the Event video that has Someone listed.
  2. Tap picture with Someone under it.
  3. If you new who this person is, tap Edit to name the Friendly Face.
  4. Tap Save.

How do I filter a specific face?

To filter on a face, go to the Events tab and select the funnel icon. If you have Friendly Faces configured, you will be able to scroll and select a face. Tap Show results to include any events that face was recognized in the past 14 days.

How do I disable Friendly Faces?

  1. In your camera's settings, tap Event Recording.
  2. Tap Smart Detections, then tap the toggle next to Friendly Faces.

Additional Notes*

  • * Individual Cam Plus plans do not qualify for Friendly Faces, only Cam Unlimited or Cam Protect.
  • * Wyze cannot provide Face Recognition services in some areas, including Illinois, Texas, Portland, Oregon, and Quebec, Canada. By tapping "Agree and continue" in the app, you state and agree that you will not use this feature in those jurisdictions.
  • * Outdoor cameras are not compatible with Cam Protect and won't have the Friendly Faces option.
  • Friendly Faces can only send Push Notifications. it will not trigger Emergency Services.
  • Friendly Faces is available for both monthly and annual Cam Protect subscriptions.
  • Friendly Faces is not available on Wyze Cam v1.

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