How do I set up Friendly Faces?

Start with a Cam Protect subscription.

Only cameras with Cam Protect can use the Friendly Faces feature. After making sure your subscription is active and assigned to a camera, you can turn this on in your settings.

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your camera and let the livestream load.
  2. Go to your Camera Settings > Event Recording > Smart Detection
  3. Tap to toggle on Friendly Faces.
  4. You must agree to the regulatory terms before being able to unlock this feature.
  5. Finish setting up Friendly Faces. 

You will need to agree to regulatory terms before the camera unlocks the feature. Once the camera(s) have the Friendly Faces feature, you'll be prompted to add images to the database. Position each person so that their face is clearly in view by the camera.

We recommend being within 2 meters of the camera and directly facing the lens, though attempting various distances and face orientations will also enrich the database. The cameras will automatically start populating faces and the next step is to tag the images with the individual's name. To do this, go to Account > Friendly Faces. If any faces are captured, they will render on this screen. Selecting the image gives you the option to:

  • Search through the last 14 days to locate and view face detected events.

  • Edit the image (add a new or existing name).

  • Select and remove faces.

The app will continue to collect new faces and you can assign the images to new or existing names and remove ones you do not need to store. The more high-quality images captured, the more accurate the algorithm.

If a person’s face is in the frame clearly and for long enough, and that face is recognized as one stored in the account database, the AI will know who the person is.

💡 There are two ways this is reflected: via notifications and filtering on faces in the Events tab.

To filter on a face, go to the Events tab and select the filter icon. If you have Friendly Faces configured, you will be able to select a face. Tap Show Results to include any events that face was recognized in in the past 14 days.

Please note:: Friendly Faces are not supported in US states of Illinois and Texas and city of Portland

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