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Why isn't the scale showing my body composition data?


You step on the scale, but it isn't showing your body composition measurements like Body Fat % and Water %. It only shows your weight


  1. Make sure you're barefoot and your knees are not touching.
    • If you don't step on the scale with bare feet, the scale will only measure your weight.
  2. Stay on the scale.
    • Don't step off of the scale immediately after your weight displays. Wait a few seconds for your other measurements to scroll across.
  3. Clean the scale’s surface.
    • Wipe off the scale’s surface with a damp cloth, then try again.
  4. Check your personal information settings in the app.
    • In the Wyze app, tap on your scale then Settings > Users > your Nickname. Then check that your Body Type, Athlete Mode, etc. are entered and correct.
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