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Alexa and Wyze Cam v3 Troubleshooting


Alexa cannot discover or connect to my Wyze Cam v3. You're in the Alexa app and your Wyze Cam v3 isn't showing up.


A quick fix is to disable the Wyze skill in Alexa, then re-enable the skill. This will unlink your account, and you'll have to relink it when re-enabling.

Using your voice:

  1. Tell Alexa: "Disable Wyze Skill"
  2. Then tell Alexa: "Enable Wyze Skill" 
  3. When prompted, go to the Alexa app to link your Wyze account and complete setup. 

Using the Alexa App: 

  1. Tap the Alexa app.
  2. Tap More, and tap Skills & Games.
  3. Search for the Wyze Skill and tap on it.
  4. Tap Settings, then Disable Skill.

If your Amazon device is still having trouble discovering your Wyze Cam v3, make sure that:

  • Your camera is a Wyze Cam v3. The original Wyze Cam v1 is not compatible with Amazon Alexa. 
  • The Amazon device is compatible with Wyze Cam v3. It must be an: Echo Show, Echo Spot, a Fire Tablet or a Fire TV. Wyze Cam v3 is also compatible with all generations of Fire TV, all Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Fire Tablets Gen 7 and above.
  • Your camera is updated to the latest firmware version.
  • Your Alexa devices’ firmware is also up to date.
  • You authorized the correct Wyze account to your Amazon Alexa account.
  • Your camera is connected to Wi-Fi by checking if you can load a live stream view of the camera in your Wyze app.
  • For additional troubleshooting, click here to refer to Amazon Alexa support.

Problem #2: Wyze Cam v3 isn’t responding to Alexa voice commands

You're trying to control your Wyze Cam v3 by commanding Alexa, but it isn't working as expected.


  • Ensure that you are clearly calling the camera by its correct name, as indicated in the Alexa app.
  • Ensure that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi by checking if you can turn on/off the camera in your Wyze app.
  • If you can turn the camera on/ off but are not able to view a live stream view of the camera in your Wyze app see Connectivity troubleshooting here.
  • If you have changed your Wyze account password, you may have to re-enable the Wyze skill in the Alexa app.
  • Ensure that the camera is turned on. The camera needs to be turned on before giving a voice command to Alexa. To turn on the camera, open the Wyze app, click into the camera’s live stream, and tap the More icon to turn on.
  • Ensure that your camera is connected to an Amazon device. You can check to see if your camera is connected to your Smart Home tab in the Alexa app or If not, please follow the set-up instructions above.
  • For additional troubleshooting, see Alexa Quick Fixes or Alexa Help.

Additional Note:

If you are having issues setting up a new Amazon Alexa device, please refer to Amazon Support.

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