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More Wyze Cam v1/v2/Pan FAQ

How hot or cold can my Wyze Cam get?

The recommended operating temperature range of Wyze Cam is 32°-104°F.

Can the cameras be used at night?

Yes, the Wyze Cams and Wyze Cam Pan have the included function of night vision. The night vision works with the help of IR LED lights The maximum distance that the cameras can reach at night time is 29.6 feet. 

Learn more about the Night Vision feature by clicking here.

Is Wyze Cam wireless?

Wyze Cam uses a wireless network to send data from the camera to your smartphone.

Wyze Cam does use a USB wire to power the device and it does not have an installed battery. 

What happens to a Wyze Cam’s Event videos if I delete a camera?

You will no longer be able to view or download the removed Wyze Cam’s Events though you will be able to see the thumbnail in the Events list.

Why is my Wyze Cam showing a different MAC address?

The MAC address printed on your Wyze Cam and the one shown on the Device Info screen are part of a range purchased by Wyze that will register on your server as a Wyze device. This MAC address is assigned by the firmware to overwrite the hardware MAC assigned to the WiFi component. These assigned MAC addresses should start with either A4DA or 2CAA. Most of the WiFi components we use will have a MAC address that will start with something like C8028F. These alternate MAC addresses tell us that, for some reason, the firmware either failed to override the hardware's MAC properly or failed to prevent this MAC from registering on your network.

In the event that you see one of these alternate MAC addresses on your network, it will often show an association with a company such as Nova or Duratech. These suppliers from whom we source our Wi-Fi components and they have no bearing on the functionality of the camera itself.

Can you control volume on these cameras?

It is not possible to control the volume of the Wyze Cam beyond the ability of turning sound on/off in recordings.

How much power do the Wyze cams use?

Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan don't have a battery, so they'll need to be plugged into an external power source.  Each camera comes with a 110V power adapter and a 6-foot USB power cord that can be plugged into a wall outlet or power bank. A 10000mAh power bank will power Wyze Cam for about 16 hours, and a 20000mAh power bank will power Wyze Cam for about 33 hours.

Wyze Cam uses 5V 1A DC power through a micro USB port. Wyze Cam Pan uses 5V 2A DC power through a micro USB port. The adapter is rated for 100-240V input, so you can use it with any power source within this range. The power consumption is between 2-4 watts, depending on whether Night Vision is turned on.

What is the purpose of USB port on back of the camera?

There are two USB inputs in the back of the Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan. The USB Type A port can be used as a connection point for the Wyze Sense Bridge. This allows the bridge to be powered by the Wyze Cam as well as sharing a network connection.

The USB Type A port can also be used for daisy chain two other Wyze Cam v2s. That way only one camera has to be plugged into a power source and the others are connected and powered via the USB Type A port. 

The micro USB port is used to power the camera. 

Note: Wyze Cam Pan should always be plugged directly into an outlet and should not be used for daisy-chaining to a Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan due to its higher power requirements.

Why can't I playback the microSD footage as a shared user?

The view playback feature is only available to the primary user. If the camera is shared, shared users will not be able to view the playback from the microSD card.

Learn more about microSD cards and Continues Recording by clicking here to follow the link.

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