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My garage door is automatically opening after I close it or vice versa.


When closing your garage door through the Wyze app, it automatically opens back up immediately or vice versa.


  1. Confirm your garage door opener is compatible with Wyze Garage Door Controller using our online compatibility checker.
  2. Confirm the Wyze app is up to date. 
    1. In your Wyze app, navigate to the Account tab > tap About.
    2. Your current app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo. 
    3. Compare your app version to the latest app version listed on our Release Notes & Firmware page.
    4. If you find that your Wyze app is out of date, head over to your mobile device’s app store, and update the Wyze app. 
  3. Check that the firmware is up to date for both Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Garage Door Controller.
    1. You can check this by going to the Account tab > Firmware update.
    2. If there is an update available for your camera and/or garage door controller, please move forward with the update.
  4. Adjust the trigger duration for your Wyze Garage Door Controller.
    1. Navigate to your Wyze Cam v3 that is connected to your Wyze Garage Door Controller in the Wyze app.
    2. Go to Wyze Garage Door Controller’s settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller.
    3. Tap Trigger Duration.
    4. Select a different trigger duration setting and try opening or closing the garage door again by pressing the button for Wyze Garage Door Controller in the Wyze app.
    5. If your garage door is still not opening or closing properly, try repeating the above step with a different trigger duration selected.
  5. View the camera’s live stream to check that it has a clear, unobstructed view of the QR code placement. The QR code should be within the dotted box on the live stream during the installation/calibration process.
    1. Make sure there are no highly reflective materials, direct sunlight, or backlighting on or near the QR code sticker, and do not place the sticker on or near windows to avoid interference.
  6. Walk through the calibration process from scratch by going to Wyze Cam v3’s settings > Accessories > Wyze Garage Door Controller > Controller Settings > Installation Instruction.
    1. When going through the installation instruction, check that the QR code is within the dotted box.
    2. Make sure the QR code sticker is secured firmly and is completely flat against the garage door.
    3. Make sure the distance between the QR code and the Wyze Cam v3 is between 3-15ft.
  7. Check that the IR night vision is set to Auto. You can get to this by going to Wyze Garage Door Controller’s live stream > toggle night vision by tapping the moon icon in the top right corner until it says Auto. This will help the camera keep the QR code in view.

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