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Motion Tracking on Wyze Cam Pan v3

To turn on Motion Tracking on Wyze Cam Pan v3:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Cam Pan v3.
  2. Side-scroll to the right and tap Track Motion.
    • When green, Motion Tracking is On.
    • When black, Motion Tracking is Off.

Using the pan and tilt features, whenever motion is detected, Wyze Cam Pan v3 can move to track the motion until motion stops.

This feature is only available on Wyze Cam Pan devices.

Additional Notes:

  • When the camera detects motion it will move to follow the motion to keep it within the camera's field of view. Once out of view, the camera will return to its initial position.
  • If multiple objects are moving at the same time, Wyze Cam Pan v3 will follow the largest moving object in view.
  • After 15 seconds of inactivity (no motion detected), Wyze Cam Pan will return to its initial position OR continue the Pan Scan if one was in progress.
  • Motion Tracking can be turned on and off independently of Motion Detection and Motion Tagging.

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