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What is the difference between Wyze Cam OG and the Telephoto 3x?

Wyze Cam OG has a spotlight, Telephoto has a 3x telephoto lens.

Here's a quick look at Wyze Cam OG and Telephoto 3x:

Wyze Cam OG Telephoto

There are two key differences between the two Wyze Cam OG cameras: The telephoto camera has a 3x telephoto lens, while Wyze Cam OG camera has an integrated spotlight.

💡 Use Wyze Cam OG for everyday use, with more light on the things that matter.


  Product image of Wyze Cam OG standard against a white background. Wyze Cam V3 front view
Features Wyze Cam OG Wyze Cam OG
Telephoto 3x
Wyze Cam v3
Spotlight Yes, Built-in No w/ Spotlight Kit
3x Zoom Lens No Yes No
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Yes Yes No
Bluetooth® 5.1 Pairing Yes Yes No
Stackable Yes Yes No


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