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Price Differences

Wyze is committed to providing our customers with fair and competitive pricing for our products on both our Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website, and App Store. From time to time, we may update the pricing of our products for that are different from the Wyze app.

We may update the pricing of our products on either our DTC website or App Store for testing purposes. This means that the pricing of a product may be different on one platform compared to the other. These pricing updates are made for testing purposes only and are not permanent changes to the pricing of our products.

We may conduct these tests to evaluate the effectiveness of different pricing strategies or to gather information on customer behavior. We may also conduct these tests to determine the optimal pricing for a new product or to assess the impact of external factors on our pricing, such as changes in the market or the cost of production.

We may use various methods for conducting these tests, including A/B testing or randomized experiments. These tests are conducted in a controlled environment and do not affect the prices of products on other platforms or in other sales channels.

We will make every effort to communicate any pricing updates to our customers in a timely and transparent manner. If we update the pricing of a product on our DTC website or App Store, we will clearly indicate the new price and the effective date of the change.

We may also communicate the reason for the pricing update and any other relevant information to our customers. We will make every effort to ensure that our customers are not misled or confused by any pricing updates and that they are aware of the pricing for our products on both platforms.

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