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What is radar and PIR?

The best of both worlds for the most reliable motion detection.

Wyze Battery Cam Pro uses both radar and PIR sensors to detect motion. Radar and PIR sensors work differently than the pixel comparison technology used in other Wyze Cams. 

PIR, which stands for Passive Infrared, utilizes the detection of infrared waves that are radiated from objects that emit heat. Simply put, PIR detects differences in temperature. This type of detection is not visible to the human eye, but Wyze Battery Cam Pro has you covered!

Radar sensors transform electromagnetic waves into electrical signals. They use wireless sensing technology to detect motion by figuring out the object's position and distance. Simply put, it detects where the object is in relation to the camera.

With the combination of PIR and radar, Wyze Battery Cam Pro is able to better understand the moton it has detected to reduce unwanted alerts.

Note: Since Wyze Battery Cam Pro uses a mixture of PIR and radar, this means that motion detection will not trigger if the camera is behind glass, looking out of a window, or is installed in a third-party case. For more tips on mounting your Wyze Battery Cam Pro, check out our Wyze Battery Cam Pro Mounting Guide.

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