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What is Security Camera in Wyze Home Monitoring?

We believe that the best security system is the one that prevents bad things from happening instead of the one that only requests help when someone has already entered your home.

The Security Cameras feature in Wyze Home Monitoring is an outer layer of protection to prevent intruders from entering your doors or windows. It gives you a strong warning (we call this a Threat Alert) before the situation escalates further. This is why we encourage you to add cameras that face outside your perimeter to your Security Cameras list.

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When you configure the Security Camera under Home Monitoring Settings, you can add up to five cameras to the Security Cameras list. For each camera, you can select which events will trigger a “Threat Alert” when your system is armed, either in Home or Away mode.


The “Threat Alert” is based on your Security Cameras settings on the Monitoring tab and it is independent from your notification settings on the camera’s page. If you’re on iOS, you can select “Critical Alert” as the notification method for a Threat Alert.


Here’s an example: John adds a Wyze Cam v3 named “Backyard” to the Security Cameras list, which points towards his backyard lawn. He selects “Person” as the trigger for a Threat Alert. Before he goes to bed, he puts the Home Monitoring system in Home mode, armed. Soon after he falls asleep, a person trespasses into his backyard. The Security Camera “Backyard” records the person and triggers a Threat Alert. John’s Threat Alert was delivered as a “Critical Alert,” so even though his iPhone was in Do Not Disturb mode, the notification still goes to his phone. John is woken up by the alert and checks the footage to decide how to protect his family.

Note: A Threat Alert does not trigger Noonlight/law enforcement dispatching.


Best Practices

We suggest not selecting “Motion” as a trigger for any camera that is facing an open space. For example, say you have a camera pointing toward your backyard. If the motion is a trigger, then a falling leaf or a bird flying past when your system is armed may trigger an unwanted Threat Alert.

Similarly, you may not want to select any triggers for any Wyze doorbells, as cars or people passing near your front door can trigger a false Threat Alert.

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