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What is Noonlight?

Noonlight is a nationwide modern platform for professional security monitoring and law enforcement dispatching. The monitoring center they use is UL-listed, TMA Five Diamond certified, and bi-directionally redundant.

Wyze is collaborating with Noonlight to offer customers a modern home monitoring experience.

More Noonlight FAQs

Can I store Noonlight as a contact so that I know it’s them contacting me?

You could, but Noonlight uses many phone numbers.

Noonlight uses a pool of phone numbers to contact users in the event of an emergency. There is not just one number to save, and the pool of numbers can change often. 

As of 4/21/2021, the current list of numbers for Noonlight are:

But what if my phone blocks Noonlight as a spam caller?

In the event of an emergency, keep your phone close. Noonlight will contact you almost immediately if an alarm is triggered and isn't disarmed by your PIN before your Entry/Exit delay has passed.
If they fail to get in touch with you they will contact the shared users to confirm if you need Emergency Services dispatched.


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