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Professional Monitoring and Self-Monitoring with Wyze

Whether you need 24/7 professional monitoring* support, or prefer to use built-in self-monitoring tools yourself, making the right monitoring choice is important. With security plans like Wyze Home Monitoring and Cam Protect, and the extensive built-in tools thanks to Cam Plus and the Wyze app, the choice is truly yours.

* Professional monitoring requires an active paid subscription to Wyze Home Monitoring or Cam Protect. Wyze collaborates with Noonlight to provide 24/7 professional monitoring. Wyze does not own its own professional monitoring center. Professional monitoring by Noonlight is only available in the 50 United States and Canada.

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Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is round-the-clock monitoring provided by a security company. In the event of a burglary or other threat, the company contacts emergency services and lets you know right away.

Wyze works with Noonlight to provide 24/7 professional monitoring by real-life-humans, with no contracts. With a subscription to Wyze Home Monitoring or Cam Protect, a few Wyze devices securing your home (like a Wyze Sense Hub, Wyze Sense Entry Sensor, and Wyze Sense Keypad), you can arm and disarm your home with just a few taps.

Noonlight will notify you right away if an alarm is triggered, call you within 30 seconds, and call 911 on your behalf if you cannot or do not respond.

How does Wyze Home Monitoring work?

Wyze Home Monitoring has an entire suite of monitoring devices including door and window sensors, keypads, leak sensors, and climate sensors. With a Wyze Sense Hub, this system protects your home inside and out, and sounds an alarm when there's an emergency. 

How does Cam Protect work?

Cam Protect empowers the Wyze Cams* you already own to provide real-time video verification and 911 dispatch. When armed, this system detects Person events on your camera and sends them to a live agent to verify what happened. 

* Cam Protect is compatible with Wyze Cam OG, Wyze Cam Pan v3/v2/v1, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, and Wyze Cam v3/v2. 

Self Monitoring

With self-monitoring, your security system is in your own hands. You can self monitor using your Wyze devices and the Wyze app, with or without subscription to Cam Plus. If a Motion event is detected by your Wyze Cam, for example, you must review and manage it on your own. In the event of an emergency, you'll need to call emergency responders yourself.

With a subscription to Cam Plus or Cam Unlimited

1.7M people use Cam Plus to self-monitor their homes (🙌). A Wyze Cam with a Cam Plus license is empowered with Wyze AI and cloud video recordings, Person / Pet / Package / Vehicle Detection, Wyze Web View for monitoring from a computer, and so much more. Cam Plus filters out the noise and gives you back-to-back recordings and advanced automations for what matters most.

If you have a subscription Cam Unlimited, all of your compatible Wyze Cams get the benefits of Cam Plus under one plan. You also get Facial Recognition, which not only tells you that a Person was detected, but who and on which Wyze Cam.

Without a subscription to Cam Plus

You can still self-monitor your home without a subscription to Cam Plus. When Motion or Sound is detected, your Wyze Cam will take a snapshot of the event. You can turn on Event notifications in the Wyze app to get an alert when it happens.

Neither Wyze nor Noonlight will dispatch emergency services in the event of an emergency if you opt to self-monitor. 

Requirements for Professional Monitoring

If you sign up for professional monitoring with Wyze Home Monitoring or Cam Protect, there are a few things to note.

  • You must have a valid US or Canadian home address. This is extremely important. During an alarm event, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services to your home. 
  • You must have a valid US or Canadian phone number. This is extremely important. During an alarm event, Noonlight will contact you via text and phone within seconds to confirm your safety.
  • You may need a permit. Some cities require a permit for a professional home security system. Check with your local government for more information.
  • You must have compatible Wyze devices. Wyze Home Monitoring requires a Wyze Sense Hub for setup. Cam Protect requires at least one compatible Wyze Cam to arm and disarm your system.
  • You must create a PIN. Your PIN is used to arm and disarm your system in the Wyze app.
  • You must have a Safe Word. This is a secret word that you use to verify your identity with Noonlight during an alarm.

Which monitoring type is best for you?

You can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting your loved ones. Choosing what's best for you depends on a lot of factors.

Do you need 24/7 professional monitoring and a full suite of sensors for your small home in the country, or would a few wisely-placed Wyze Cams do the trick? Can you track all the activity in and around your busy townhouse in the city with notifications from the Wyze app, or would you prefer the extra-security of a monitoring center working for you?

Wyze leaves the choice up to you. With affordable security plans with no lengthy contracts, and DIY tools built-in to the Wyze app, you're bound to get it just right.



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