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I haven't purchased Wyze Home Monitoring yet. How do I get started?

To learn how to get started with Wyze Home Monitoring, visit our Sign up and Activation and Setup articles. 

You have created a Wyze account and have the latest version of the Wyze app. When you tap Monitoring in the Wyze app, you have the Get Started option. It doesn't show Start Setup.

Before you can start setting up your Wyze Home Monitoring system, you must sign up for the service and purchase the hardware. You'll have the option to Start Setup once you receive your hardware.

Once you have your hardware, go here:

Visit Wyze Home Monitoring Sign up and Activation and follow the instructions to get started.

Once you have activated the service and restarted the app, you'll have the option to Start Setup on the Monitoring tab.

Then, set it up here:

Follow the instructions in our Wyze Home Monitoring Setup Guide to set up your hardware and monitoring system.

Learn More about Wyze Home Monitoring:

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