Camera isn’t responding when you use a Google Assistant voice command

Here are some steps to try if you’re having trouble connecting your camera:

  • Ensure that you are clearly calling the camera by its correct name, as indicated in the Wyze app.
  • Ensure that the camera is connected to WiFi by checking if you can load a live stream view of the camera in your Wyze app. If you are unable to view a live stream view of the camera in your Wyze app see Connectivity troubleshooting here.
  • Ensure that the camera is turned on. The camera needs to be turned on before giving a voice command to Google Assistant. To turn on the camera, open the Wyze app, click into the camera’s live stream, and tap the More icon to turn on.
  • For additional troubleshooting, see the Google Home Troubleshooter.

Additional Information:

If you are having issues setting up a new Google Assistant device, please refer to Google Support.

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