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Heart Rate

Your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. Your Wyze Band has built-in heart rate sensors so you can check your heart rate—all you have to do is tap the Heart Rate screen.

Note: Wyze Band is not a medical device. Only use the Heart Rate measurement for reference. 

To check your Heart Rate with your band:

  1. Make sure your band is on your wrist securely.
    • Not too tight or loose, but comfortable and not sliding up and down.
  2. Tap on the Wyze Band screen to wake it up.
  3. Scroll and tap Heart Rate. 
  4. Wait at least 7 seconds for the most accurate and stable reading. 
    • After 15 seconds, it will stop measuring.

Factors that can affect your Heart Rate measurement:

  • Wearing your Wyze Band too loosely. This can cause a leak in the sensing light, and affect accuracy.
  • Wearing your band too tight. Tightness, clenching your fist, or raising your arm, will affect blood flow and the measurement.
  • The skin in contact with the sensors. Excessive body hair, tattoos, or scars on the area in contact with the heart rate sensor.

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