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How does Wyze protect my Live Stream and Event videos?

With Wyze Cam, users can view camera videos using two methods: live streaming and recorded videos. Streaming is encrypted during transfer from device to phone. Camera videos are transferred under a secure channel from device to Wyze Cloud (ingestion) and from Wyze Cloud to phone (digestion). 

Wyze employees do not have the ability to view a user’s camera’s live feed. This is because we use a P2P live streaming solution, which establishes a direct connection between the phone and the camera. While this is a technical solution to privacy, we also have a policy at Wyze prohibiting employees from viewing live streams. 

Event videos, which are videos recorded when motion or sound is detected, are securely uploaded to the Wyze AWS server. From here, the video only would be accessed with permission from executive-level Wyze managers in extremely rare or severe cases, such as if Wyze were to be presented with a court subpoena. No other Wyze employees have access to these videos.

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