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Your Wyze Data Request Contents Explained

We've tried to make the contents of your Wyze data request easy to understand, access, and save. Below you'll find details about the data we provide when requested, and where you can find more information.

Content Definitions

After we've completed your data request, you will receive a PDF file with a summary of the following:

Your Data Request: The date of your data request, your name and email address, and the support ticket number associated with your request.

Your Wyze Account: Your first and last name, email address, Wyze userID, nickname or username, and your subscription status to our Wyze newsletters.

Your Product Data: The Wyze devices you have attached to your account, event videos and device settings, and your Health Data.

Your App Data: Information for each device you have the Wyze app installed on, your app usage, activation date, registration date, Wyze Services subscriptions, Shop tab interactions and comments, and Discover tab interactions and comments.

Your Orders Data: Order history, and information attached to your orders including your name, billing and shipping addresses, and the contact info provided with your order.

Description: What the data is or is used for.

Data Found (Y/N): Verification that data was found. If "Yes," then data was found. If "No," then no data was found. 

Value: The data or information itself. 

Data values do we provide

Wyze will provide most general, readily-available data from your Wyze Account in response to a data request. The values that we provide are:

  • Data request date
  • Data requester
  • Data request reply email
  • Support ticket number
  • Name on Wyze Account
  • Wyze User ID
  • Email
  • Wyze Nickname
  • Mailing list subscription
  • App Platform
  • App Membership

Data values we do not provide

Order History

To find your order history, log into your account at, and click My Orders on the top left.

Order Information

To find your Order Information, follow the steps above to reach your Order History. Then from the My Orders page, click View Order next to the order.

Product Data

Your product data, including your settings, event videos and Health Data, can be found in the Wyze app on the Home screen. Tap on each product you own to find their data.

App Usage: 

Data about your app usage, including activations and interactions, is not provided. App usage data will only be released to, and only if requested by, a legal US authority. 

What is a request by a US authority? We require subpoena, search warrant, court order, or judgment to be issued by a US authority. We respond to court judgments from the United States only. Police requesting data without these documents will not be provided with the information.


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