Do I need a permit to use Wyze Home Monitoring?

Check with your local police department.

Your city or locality may require you to obtain an alarm permit for activating and operating a monitored alarm system. These requirements are often in place to reduce the number of false alarms and unnecessary utilization of police, fire, and EMS resources.

Failure to obtain a required alarm permit may result in municipal fines or refusal by an emergency agency to respond to an alarm at your premises. To find out if a permit is required in your area, contact your local police department, using their non-emergency telephone number, or look them up online.

The length of your permit will vary depending on where you live. Some jurisdictions only require an initial registration and the permit will not need to be renewed unless there is a change to your address or contact information. Other jurisdictions will require you to renew your permit on a yearly basis.

If you have questions about requirements or obtaining your alarm permit, you can contact Noonlight at and our team will assist you.

When filling out the application, if the form asks for contact information for the Monitoring Company or Dispatch Center, enter:

911 Washington Ave.
Suite 230
St. Louis, MO 63101

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