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About Wyze Bulb Color

Brighter. Dimmer. Better. Live your life in color. 

Features that make Wyze Bulb Color a little brighter:

  • Two Versions to Choose From: Comes in a 1100 lumen A19 version and a 950 lumen BR30 version. 
  • 16 Million Colors: Explore millions of rich colors and save your favorites as Scenes.
  • Music Mode: Group with Wyze Light Strip or Wyze Light Strip Pro (sold separately) to sync your lights to the beat of your favorite tracks.

  • Expanded Color Temperature Range: With a color temperature range of 1800K-6500K, you get a warmer light for improved evening light.
  • Extra Bright, Extra Dim: Tune it extra bright to a maximum 1100 lumens (A19 version, 75 watt equivalent) versus 800 lumens from most bulbs.
  • Sun Match: Bring the outdoors in by having your lights automatically adjust their color temperature for optimal lighting.
  • High CRI: Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how close a lightbulb’s light is to natural sunlight. A 90+ CRI rating means colors will look more natural under its light.
  • Sleep Routines: Wake up or fall asleep to custom lighting routines that gradually illuminate or darken with time.
  • Easy Setup: Set up multiple Wyze Bulbs simultaneously with the Wyze app. 
  • Group Control: Group multiple bulbs together to control them all at the same time or individually.
  • Vacation Mode: Lights automatically turn on/off according to a schedule to make it appear like you’re home when you’re away.
  • Automations & Schedules: Schedule lights to turn on/off at specific times or use Wyze devices to trigger custom light actions.
  • Voice Control: Control Wyze Bulb Color with Alexa or Google Assistant.

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