Grouping your Wyze Bulb Color


With Grouping, you can control multiple Wyze Bulb Colors and strips at the same time, or organize them all for Scenes, Effects and Shortcuts. Follow these steps to group bulbs and strips:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap the + plus sign on the top left, then Add Device Group
  2. Tap Color Bulb Group.
    • Note: Wyze Bulb Color can be grouped with other color bulbs and strips.
  3. In the top field, Enter a group name, then tap Done on the keyboard.
  4. Select the bulbs and strips you want to include in the group. 
  5. Tap Done on the top right. 

Additional Notes:

  • Wyze Bulb Color (A19 and BR30) can be grouped with Wyze Light Strip (and Pro). Once grouped with a light strip, this will enable the Effects tab.
  • Grouped devices will not display on the Home screen, but within the group itself.
  • To view the bulbs in a group, tap on the group's name on the Home screen.
  • A bulb can only be added to one group at a time. 
  • While a bulb is in a group, you can adjust the individual bulb's settings by tapping on that specific bulb in the group. 
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