Can I use a Wyze Sense v2 sensor without Wyze Home Monitoring?

Yes, but functions are limited.

Wyze Sense v2 sensors work best with the Wyze Sense Hub included in the Core Starter Kit for Wyze Home Monitoring. This includes Wyze Entry Sensor v2 and Wyze Motion Sensor v2.

While they do work with the original v1's Wyze Sense Bridge, which attaches to a Wyze Cam v2), the functions will be basic. They will not work for monitoring, will not send you alarms and triggers, and will function much like the v1 sensors.

What if I buy a v2 sensor without Wyze Home Monitoring?

You will be able to set it up in the app as long as you have a Wyze Sense Bridge set up. But functions will be limited - you won't receive home monitoring notifications from it when motion is detected or the entry sensor is left open. It will not trigger any alarms or send for law enforcement.


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