Missing or No Notifications for Wyze Leak Sensor/Leak Sensor Probe

Problem: When the Wyze leak sensor/leak sensor probe updates it’s status, it is not sending a notification.



    1. Make sure your Wyze app firmware is up to date.
      • Navigate to the Account tab > tap About.
      • The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze Logo.
      • You can compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware Page.
    2. Ensure your Wyze hub firmware is up to date.
      • Navigate to the Account tab > Firmware Update
      • If there is an update available for the hub, please move forward with installing it. 
    3. Make sure your sense hub is online.
      • If your sense hub is offline, please refer to the troubleshooting steps here.
    1. Ensure your device notifications are enabled.
      • Navigate to the leak sensor page, and tap the settings gear in top right corner.
      • Tap Notifications 
    2. Make sure your Push Notifications are enabled.
  • Navigate to the Account tab
  • Tap Notifications > Push Notifications 
  1. Reboot your router.
  2. Perform a factory reset.
    • Before performing this step, please submit an app log.
  1. Navigate to the Account tab > Wyze Support > Submit a log
  2. Choose the affected sensor and the issue category.
  3. Fill out the details.
  4. Ensure send log files is checked > tap save
  • To perform a factory reset press and hold the button on the side of the sensor for 10 seconds. 
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