Why is Wi-Fi 6 needed?

And how will Wi-Fi 6 work with IoT devices?

Smart and IoT devices are very popular nowadays. With all the devices connected to the cloud to improve our way of live at home or in the office, the average home or office requires an extra 4 to 5 connections per person.

To help with this extra capacity requirement, Wi-Fi 6 is designed with a new technology called Target Wake Time (TWT) which turns the data connection of the devices on or off by determining the amount of time they will be awake to transmit and receive data. TWT is great for IoT, because it can increase battery life and optimize efficiency between wireless users and Wi-Fi stations (Access Point, Wi-Fi Routers).

Features like multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) and orthogonal frequency - division multiple access (OFDMA), provides Wi-Fi 6 wireless clients cellular like enhanced coverage in high-density locations. HD content streaming over the Internet (Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max) and cloud-based applications all require high bandwidth as well as low latency (Zoom calls) in order for large amount of devices to coexist in a single network.

Wi-Fi 6 is built exactly for this purpose.

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