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How do I set up Wyze Mesh Router without mobile data or internet?

To set up Wyze Mesh Router without a mobile data connection:

  1. Keep your old router connected and in its original location.
  2. Make sure your old router is powered on and the Internet is functioning.
  3. Make sure your smartphone has Internet access via your old router.
  4. Connect your Wyze Mesh Router to the LAN port of your old router during Wyze Mesh Router setup.
  5. After setup is complete, remove your old router(s) from your network and connect the root Wyze Mesh Router directly to the router. 

What If I no longer have access to my old router? How do I access the local UI to establish internet first?

  1. Go to the root router (for Wyze Mesh Router you're setting up). The local UI is ( 
  2. Set up the WAN setting for DHCP, PPPoE or Status IP. Then enable a Guest SSID and enter a new Guest Password. 
  3. Connect your smartphone to the Wyze router's temporary Wi-Fi SSID and password.
  4. Lastly, open your Wyze app and complete the setup process.
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