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Wyze Cam v3 Pro Setup Troubleshooting


While setting up Wyze Cam v3 Pro in the app, it gets stuck on the "select your network" step or otherwise fails.


  1. Check that you're on the latest version of the Wyze app.
  2. Move the camera and your smartphone or tablet close to your router (within 6-10 feet) for setup.
  3. Check the status light. It should be flashing red after the "ready to connect" voice prompt, and after pressing the SETUP button.
    • If there wasn't "ready to connect" during setup, restart setup and try again.
  4. Double-check that your smartphone or table is connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network you are attempting to connect your camera to during the Select your network step.
    • Make sure the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and password are entered correctly.
  5. Make sure you have location permissions enabled on your smartphone for the Wyze app.
  6. If none of the steps above work, go into your smartphone or tablet settings and forget your Wi-Fi network. 
    • Rejoin the network and attempt to set up the device again.
  7. Send a log from the Wyze app.

    • Note the Log ID.
  8. Factory reset the camera and set it up as a new device. (Only do this after sending a log first!)
    1. Remove any microSD card inserted in the camera.
    2. With the camera plugged into power, press and hold the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds until the status light on the front of the camera turns solid red.
    3. Once the status light starts flashing red, set up the camera as new.
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