Understanding your Wyze Cam v3 Pro Status Light

All Wyze devices have a handy status light that helps determine what state the device is in. You'll find the status light on the front of your Wyze Cam v3 Pro. No light? Make sure it's properly connected to power.


Status Light Guide Detailed

Status light state: What does the light mean?
Solid red light

Camera is powered and starting up
Watching live stream
Recording alarm video

Flashing red light

Camera is powered and ready to connect to Wi-Fi
Siren is sounding (quick flashing red light)

Or, possible error state:

QR code incorrect
Connection timed out, cannot connect to network
Network encryption method not supported

Flashing red and blue lights

Camera is trying to connect to Wi-Fi
Scanning QR code
Upgrading with a microSD card

Or, possible error state:

Network disconnected

Flashing blue light

Camera is connected, still finishing setup
Firmware update (quick flashing blue light)

Or, possible error state:

Disconnected from external/network server

Solid blue light

Camera is powered, connected, and working properly

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