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I can't link my Wyze Cam OG cams together in the app.


You're unable to link two Wyze Cam OG devices together in the Wyze app. 

Note: You can only link Wyze Cam OG and and Wyze Cam OG Telephoto 3x. This feature is not available for other Wyze Cams.


  1. Check that the Wyze app and both cameras’ firmware are up to date.
    1. Release Notes & Firmware
  2. Try to link the cameras again. Here's how:
    1. In the camera’s live stream, tap the arrow to open the subview.
    2. Tap the + icon to link another Wyze Cam OG.
  3. Send an app log, then factory reset each camera.
    1. Remove any microSD card inserted in the camera.
    2. With the camera plugged into power, press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds until the status light on the front of the camera turns solid red.
    3. Once the status light starts flashing red, set up the camera as new.
  4. Attempt to link the cameras again.
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