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There are no voice prompts doing setup.


There is no voice prompt after pressing the SETUP button on your Wyze Cam OG.


  1. Make sure you are fully pressing and holding the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera until you it says “ready to connect”. This should take no longer than 10 seconds.
  2. If there is no voice prompt and the status light is solid red:
    • Make sure there is no microSD card inserted in the camera.
    • Make sure you’re using the USB cable and adapter that came with the camera.
      • If you’re using the original USB cable and adapter, please try another USB cable and adapter if possible.
    • Power cycle the camera by unplugging it from its power source for 5 seconds and then plugging it back in.
    • Plug the camera into a different power outlet.
  3. If there is no voice prompt but the status light is not red, try setting the camera up using the status lights as your guide.
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