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My Wyze Thermostat is not turning off the heat.


My heat isn’t turning off even after the set temperature is reached.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some reasons why your heat may not be turning off even if the set temperature has already been reached:

  1. The wiring for your Wyze Thermostat may have been configured incorrectly. 
    • To confirm this, you can send us photos of your previous thermostat’s wiring, your Wyze Thermostat’s wiring, and the wiring at the control board.
  2. In some cases, the temperature will go about 2-4 degrees higher than the set temperature due to the residual heat from the furnace causing the temperature in the room to raise until the residual heat dissipates, even after the heating has stopped. 
    • To resolve this, set your Wyze Thermostat’s heating 2-3 degrees below your preferred set point.
  3. The thermostat or its wires have been damaged and are not reliably signaling the heating system's primary controller. 
    • To determine if this is the case, please consult an HVAC technician at your discretion.
  4. The thermostat is being blocked from properly sensing the room’s heat level. This could be due to the distance between the thermostat and the location of the warm air supply (vent) or more likely due to furniture, drapes, or even dust blocking the air inlet openings around the thermostat that allow it to sense room temperature. 
    • To resolve this, ensure the thermostat is placed in an optimal location and is regularly cleaned using a soft cloth to avoid dust accumulation.
  5. The thermostat is located on a cold outdoor wall or where cold air blows onto it. 
    • To resolve this, ensure the thermostat is placed in an optimal location.
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