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My chime won't ring after installing Wyze Doorbell Chime Controller.

You've installed Wyze Doorbell Chime Controller according to the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 Setup Guide, and followed along in the app. Now that it's installed, your in-house mechanical chime won't ring.

Check your power supply and wiring

Wyze Video Doorbell v2 has a minimum requirement of a 16V 10VA transformer, but this is at the lower boundary of the power supply spectrum. It may be enough to power your doorbell, but it might not deliver enough voltage needed to ring the chime as well. Also worth considering: the age and length of your homes' wiring, which can affect the efficiency in powering the doorbell and ringing the chime.

Try alternate wiring

If you have a 16V 10VA transformer, and you feel comfortable with your doorbell wiring, please try the wiring instructions here: Alternate wiring instructions for Wyze Video Doorbell v2

Replace your transformer

If you've tried the alternate wiring instructions, your chime still doesn't ring, and you have a 10VA transformer, then you may need to upgrade your transformer at your own expense. We recommend a 20-30VA transformer. Contact your local, licensed electrician for assistance.

Important: If you do not have an existing in-house chime or you are unsure of wiring, stop. Contact your local, licensed electrician for assistance. 

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