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My Wyze Band settings won't save

Check the app version

Check the app store to make sure there isn't an update available for the Wyze app. It's always best practice to make sure you have the latest version installed to ensure the setup goes smoothly.

Cycle your phone/tablet's WiFi and Bluetooth

Before trying anything else, turn off your phone or tablet's WiFi and Bluetooth, then turn them back on. This should help make sure it's communicating properly. 

If using a Motorola device, ensure that you have GPS enabled as some Motorola devices require GPS be enabled for Bluetooth to function.

Power-cycle your phone or tablet

Similar to toggling the WiFi and Bluetooth, turning your phone off/on can help make sure it's communicating properly with both the Gateway and the network.

Make sure your Band is charged 

A low battery can interfere with a number of functions. We recommend charging your Band back up to at least 50%+, then try trying again.

Reboot your Band

From the Band’s product page in the Wyze app, go to Settings by selecting the gear icon from the list, then tapping on the screen mirror. Tap Reboot Device and wait for your Band to finish rebooting.

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