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Why is my Wyze Band screen going dark?

You may need to reboot the app.

Your Wyze Band should either be awake (fully lit) or asleep (dark), no in between. This was a bug that we thought was fixed, but it might be happening again for some users.

If your Wyze Band screen keeps going dark, or dimming, follow these steps:

  1. Check your connection to the Wyze app.
    • In the Wyze app, go to Wyze Band let it sync. Does the Wyze Band continue to go dark?
      • No. You should be all set!
      • Yes. Continue to the next step.
  2. Reboot the app.
    1. Tap on the Wyze Band screen to wake it up, then scroll and tap Setting Reboot.
    2. Once it reboots, check the screen to see if it goes dark again. Does it?
      • No. Great!
      • Yes. Continue to the next step.
  3. Submit a log so we can investigate.
    • In the Wyze app, go to Wyze Band > . . .  > Report an Issue.
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