Understanding your Wyze Video Doorbell Status Light

All Wyze devices have a handy status light that helps determine what state the device is in. You'll find the status light on the front of your Wyze Video Doorbell. No light? Make sure it's properly connected to power using the Setup Guide.


Status Light Guide Detailed

Wyze Video Doorbell

  • Solid yellow light:
  • Flashing yellow light
  • Flashing yellow/blue light
  • Flashing blue light
  • Solid blue light
  • Flashing blue/purple light


Wyze Chime

User Action

Signal Light


Factory Reset

Constant yellow

Long press reset button until it stays yellow

During setup or device reboot

Constant yellow

System booting, please wait


Flashing yellow

  1. If you hear it say “Ready to connect”

  2. If not, please press the reset button once, and it should start to say “ready to connect”


Flashing yellow and blue

Connecting to WiFi


Flashing blue

Connected to WiFi, trying to access Internet


Constant Blue

Setup successful & Normal

Troubleshooting (No prior actions)

Flashing Blue

Disconnected with IoT server


Flashing yellow and blue

Internet connection issue


Flashing yellow

Long time connection issue


Flashing White + LED on

detected person

Visitor Greeting

Flashing Blue & Purple

When the doorbell is pressed


Constant Purple

During 2 way audio

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