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Wyze Video Doorbell Setup Troubleshooting


Wyze Video Doorbell is unable to be set up.


  1. Confirm that the Wyze app is up to date.
  2. Power off the doorbell by switching the breaker to the off position.
  3. Check all wiring to make sure it is secure.
  4. Make sure that Wyze Video Doorbell is installed properly by following the steps in our Wyze Video Doorbell Installation Guide.
    • If you are ever unsure when dealing with wiring, we recommend reaching out to a licensed electrician.
  5. Power on the doorbell by switching the breaker to the on position.
  6. Confirm whether the status light is on after powering up the doorbell.
    • If not, please try the troubleshooting steps here.
  7. Verify that Location Permissions are enabled for the Wyze app in your phone/tablet settings.
    1. Make sure that it is set to Always or While Using the App.
    2. For iOS users, make sure that Precise Location is turned on.
  8. Ensure that your phone/tablet is connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network that you are entering at the Select your network step and that you are entering your SSID (Wi-Fi name) correctly.
    • 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks are not supported.
    • The SSID is case-sensitive and there should be no space before or after the SSID.
    • The SSID should automatically populate if you are connected to Wi-Fi. If it does not auto-populate, it can indicate the phone/tablet that is being used for setup is not connected to Wi-Fi.
  9. Check that you are entering the Wi-Fi password correctly.
    1. Tap on the eye icon to view the password you are entering.
  10. If the QR code is not scanning during setup, please try the following steps:
    • QR codes are only valid for 5 minutes after being generated. If you have been trying to scan your QR code for 5 minutes or more, please restart the setup process.
    • Ensure the protective film for the doorbell's lens has been removed.
    • Confirm there is nothing obstructing the QR code on your phone or tablet screen.
    • Make sure there are no glares on the screen while attempting to scan the QR code.
    • Gently clean the lens of the doorbell using a microfiber or soft cloth.
    • Ensure that the full QR code is visible. The code should not be covered and should not run off the edges of the screen.
    • Hold the phone screen steady in front of the doorbell, and slowly adjust the distance. Hold still at the new distance for 5 seconds to give Wyze Video Doorbell time to adjust to the new distance.
    • Try holding the QR code upside down for the doorbell to scan.
  11. Reboot the router.
  12. If possible, move the router closer to the doorbell.
  13. Power cycle Wyze Video Doorbell.
    1. Flip the breaker switch that is powering the doorbell to the off position, wait 10 full seconds, then flip the breaker switch back to the on position.
  14. Factory reset Wyze Video Doorbell.
    1. Press in on the doorbell while also pushing it up to remove it from the backplate.
    2. With the doorbell connected to power, single press the reset button on the back of the device.
    3. The status light will turn solid yellow. 
    4. Once the status light begins flashing yellow, set up the doorbell like new.


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