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Can I use Wyze Video Doorbell if I have 2 doors sharing 1 mechanical chime system?

A popular question about Wyze Video Doorbell is about what to do if you have two doorbells sharing a single chime. Specifically, if you can use the Wyze doorbell for one of them.

Detailed Question

My home has 2 mechanical doorbells installed on my front door and back (rear) door, which both share 1 chime. Can I use Wyze Video Doorbell for one of those doorbells? 


Yes, you can use Wyze Video Doorbell if you have 2 doorbells installed (one at each door). 

If you have 2 doorbells already installed, then your chime box will have 3 terminals. In the example below, you'll see wiring for Front (for front door), Rear (for rear door), and Trans (transformer). You would hardwire your Wyze Video Doorbell to the appropriate door and Trans.


Note: Wyze Video Doorbell will use Wyze Chime, while the other doorbell will use your old mechanical chime system.

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