Introducing Wyze Robot Vacuum

Room mapping. Path planning. Efficient cleaning.


An all-new Wyze product for better home comfort, Wyze Robot Vacuum is loaded with tech, going way beyond cleaning to bring you a truly smart vacuum. 

Some Wyze Robot Vacuum features we love:

  • High-Precision Mapping. Wyze Robot Vacuum scans 2,016 distance points to navigate its environment.
  • Area Selection. Edit map data to specify areas like rooms and hallways for targeted cleaning.
  • Virtual Walls. Use the Wyze app to create Virtual Walls where the Wyze Robot Vacuum will not clean.
  • Scheduled Cleanings. By time of day or days of the week, schedule when you want to clean. 
  • Cleaning Records. Observe and share the start time, duration, and cleaning area of your cleanings.
  • Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM). As the device scans its surroundings, SLAM technology allows the Wyze Robot Vacuum to track its location and optimize cleaning routes.
  • Suction Options. Strong, Standard, and Quiet options let you control suction power, noise level, or a balance of the two.
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