Wyze Robot Vacuum Installation Guide

To install the Wyze Robot Vacuum:

  1. Unpack the vacuum and accessories.
    • In the box, you should have the following:
      • Wyze Robot Vacuum x1
      • Charging Station x1
      • Power adapter x1
      • Dustbin x1
      • Hepa Filter x2
      • Edge Brush x2
      • Quick Start Guide x1
      • Manual x1
  2. Install the Edge brush over the square mounting peg on the bottom of the vacuum, then place the vacuum brushes-down on the floor.
  3. Connect the charging station to power.
  4. Tuck in any extra power cord length into the bottom of the charging station so the vacuum doesn’t try to eat it.
  5. Connect the vacuum to the charging station - the metal slices simply need to touch.
  6. Fully charge the vacuum.
    • The lights will pulse yellow while charging, and turn to solid white when fully charged.

Once it's fully charged, you're ready to move on to setup in the Wyze app. Continue to the Wyze Robot Vacuum Setup Guide.

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