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My system isn't responding because of a bad terminal.


Your system shows that it's running in the Wyze app, but the device is not responding with any mode (heating, cooling, or fan).

Troubleshooting Tips: 

This could be the result of a connection, terminal, or equipment issue. To check where the issue is created:

  1. If the issue is with heat/cool mode, test this by making sure the Set Temp is 2+ degrees higher than your current temperature. 
  2. When you turn on the system (heat/cool/fan), listen to hear if it clicks on momentarily. For some systems, heat/cool/fan may click on after several minutes delay, which is caused by the existing control board's algorithm. If it does, that terminal and connection are okay. If it does not, check the connection and try again. We suggest you to use the individual fan control to check the fan's terminal(Fan always on).

If the system still doesn't respond to heat/cool/fan it could be terminal issue. Please reach out to our support team for more assistance. 

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