Are Dual Transformers compatible?

Yes, Dual Transformers are compatible.

Note: If you open your thermostat wiring and see a jumper wire between the Rc terminal and the Rh terminal, this is not a dual transformer system.
Some systems with heat and cool are configured with a dual transformer design. That means you have Rc and Rh wires being used; Rc = cooling side, Rh = heating side. As long as you have a C terminal on the same board as Rc, your system is compatible with Wyze Thermostat.

We have four cases to note:

  1. C-wire is coming from the Rc board.
  2. C-wire is coming from both Rc board and Rh board.
  3. C-wire is coming from the Rh Board.
    For compatibility with the Wyze Thermostat:
    1. Remove the C-wire from the Rh board.
    2. Connect the wire directly to the C terminal of the Rc board.
  4. No C wires.
    • In the case that you have no C wire connected, please see the image below for the modified CWA installation. The CWA will be solely connected to the Rc board.
In case 1 and 2 above, nothing needs to be done at the control board. Continue installation normally with the Wyze app.
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