My vacuum is not saving the map after each run.


Wyze Robot Vacuum does not update or save the map after cleaning, even if you've moved furniture, have new obstacles, or opened up a new area. The map remains the same. 

Possible Causes:

  • The vacuum was manually moved during the first mapping / cleaning.
  • Wyze Robot Vacuum was unable to complete the first clean on its first battery charge, which can cause issues during the next session.
  • The room your vacuum is cleaning is so large that the vacuum doesn't finish mapping the area in one charge.


  • Do not interrupt or move the vacuum during a clean. It will not save the map.
  • If the vacuum stops to charge mid-clean, it will not save the map.
  • Reset the map, then start a "Clean" with the vacuum starting at the charging station and returning to the charging station with no interruptions during the clean.
  • If the area is too large, try the Quick Mapping feature to get an updated map.
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