My vacuum won't return to the charging station.


Wyze Robot Vacuum does not return to the charging station. It either doesn't move at all, or gets lost along the way.

Possible Causes:

  • The vacuum can’t find the charging station, which can happen if it’s been moved.

  • The vacuum has been moved to a different floor.
  • There may be obstacles around the charging station that are blocking the signal to the vacuum.

  • The charging station is slightly higher or lower than the vacuum, like on a thicker carpet or uneven ground.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you've moved the vacuum to a different area or floor, return it to the charging station and reset the map. Tap the Settings gear > Reset Map > Reset Map.
  • Clear any obstacles on or around the charging station.

  • Connect Wyze Robot Vacuum to the charging station, then start cleaning from there.

  • Once an area is clean, press the Home button on the vacuum to manually return it to the charging station.

  • Make sure the charging station is on the same level and flooring as the vacuum.

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