Wyze Video Doorbell Vertical Wedge Kit

What is the vertical wedge kit?

This kit is a wedge for Wyze Video Doorbell that tilts the doorbell downwards 7.5º - 15º. It helps capture a better view of the ground to see your doorstep, or packages placed close to the door. 

Your Wyze Video Doorbell already comes with a horizontal wedge kit, which tilts the view left or right 30º, which comes in handy when mounting your doorbell in a corner.

Tip: Stack 1 horizontal wedge on top of 1 vertical wedge for an even more direct view.

What is included in the vertical wedge kit?

  • 7.5º vertical wedges x2
  • Mounting screws x5

Where can I buy the vertical wedge kit?

The vertical wedge kit is included in the Wyze Video Doorbell bundle from The Home Depot. We hope to have the kit available on wyze.com in the future.

How do I install the kit?

To install the vertical wedge kit:

  1. Determine the downward tilt needed, 7.5º or 15ª. 
    • If 15º, stack both 7.5º wedges on top of each other.
    • You can stack a horizontal wedge on top of a vertical wedge if needed.
  2. Pass the wires through the middle of the wedge(s). 
  3. Screw the wall plate to the wedge(s) using two wall screws.
  4. Proceed to connect the wires.
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