The BluetoothⓇ remote isn't controlling Wyze Floor Lamp.


Wyze Floor Lamp doesn't respond to actions with the Bluetooth remote. You press the button and the light doesn't turn on, you twist the dial and the brightness doesn't change.


  1. Check the Bluetooth remote's battery.
    • Make sure the battery is securely seated, and the back panel cover is on correctly.
  2. Press the remote's button. If the LED light doesn't flash, replace the battery.
    • Wyze PARB Remote takes 1 AAA battery.
  3. Check that the side button on the remote is pushed in.
    • If popped out, it's in pairing mode and will not control your lamp.
  4. If the steps above don't help, send an app log before factory resetting the floor lamp and remote.
    1. Before performing this step, send in an app log and take note of the app log ID.
    2. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Floor Lamp.
    3. Tap the settings icon > Wyze Support > Submit a log.
  5. Factory reset Wyze Floor Lamp:
    1. Toggle the power switch on the cord 5 times.
    2. The light will pulse briefly when the lamp is successfully reset.
  6. Factory reset the Bluetooth remote:
    1. On the back of the remote, open the battery cover.
    2. With the battery still installed, press and hold the reset button for at least 3 seconds.
    3. The status LED will flash, then steady when it has been successfully reset. 
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